In-House Benefit Plan Herndon VA

Benefit Plan for Dental Patients

In House Benefit Plan – $35 per month

These options are designed to help those patients who may be concerned about affordability of dental care without traditional insurance coverage. For $35 per month patients will be eligible for unlimited evaluations and any necessary x-rays and two cleanings for the year. For new patients looking for a shorter term plan we now offer a 6 month plan including evaluations, necessary x-rays and one cleaning for a grand total of $220!

For any other treatment on either plan all fees will be discounted at 35% off our regular fees.  By eliminating third parties we are able to easily give you a better value than any comparable self pay insurance or discount plan.

This also eliminates any surprises in coverage after treatment has been completed – no claims necessary. It literally pays for itself on a standard new patient visit which includes full mouth and bitewing x-rays, examination and cleaning. 

For either plan the premium will be paid up front for the term – $420 for 12 months or $220 for 6 months. Only new patients are eligible for the 6 month option. Free covered cleanings will not apply to untreated periodontal disease. Treatment plan fees will be subject to change depending on plan participation and future fee schedule changes. Treatment plans may change at any time subject to changes in dental conditions. This plan may not be combined with any other offers, other plans or insurance submission. The plan will not apply for outside referrals and other dental offices.